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Do you remember that magical evening when you first saw a glowfly as a child? Enthralled by the sight, you carefully watched it light up filling your heart with wonder and awe. But it wasn’t until they first flashed together that the real magic took place - they produced a wave of light transforming a landscape into something otherworldly. It takes the brilliant light of a community to spark innovation that makes an impact.

At Glowfly we believe that the magic lies in connecting entrepreneurs who are passionate about building tech solution for a brighter tomorrow, while inspiring each other to stay optimistic & always embracing their childlike sense of wonder.


We spotlight young founders who are building breakthrough solutions to most pressing challenges. We connect our talent across Europe facilitating knowledge exchange and building a trusted network of founders.


We empower our community with a platform to present their innovative products to investors, industry experts, European policy makers and corporate executives.


We provide our community of founders with access to the most innovative enterprises in Europe, which will create a unique opportunity to try your product or service with your first enterprise customer.

At Glowfly we have a passion for identifying Europe's brightest young entrepreneurs. We are searching for mission driven technology startups who are advancing industries, transforming the way we live, and will play a role in developing the businesses that truly shape our future.

Our network includes recipients who have been recognized as Forbes U30, MIT Under 35 innovators, and accepted into prestigious accelerator programs such as Y-Combinator, Techstars & AngelPad. Glowfly gives you access to Europe’s best young founders.

Do you have a working product/prototype and believe you have what it takes to light up an industry and contribute to building a brighter Europe?

We would love to hear from you!


Our Glowfly ambassadors are creating the future

  Alex Lopera

Co-founder & COO, Verse (Age 24, Spain)

Alex is the co-founder of Verse, a mobile payment platform built on blockchain. The app is live in 27 countries, with an active user base growing 30 per cent month-over-month. Created by millennials for millennials, they are rethinking mobile payments, providing a customer product experience that older banking institutions struggle to provide tailored to their generation. Verse closed a $20.5 million Series B round, which will give them the ability to accelerate their expansion.

  Marcin Pilarz

Co-founder, TalkinThings (Age 29, Poland)

Marcin built a smart packaging system based on the NFC/RFID technology. With his technology customers are empowered to check any information about a product through a patented integration of the NFC/RFID tag in a package. Talkin’ Things has over 20 pending patents, with an impressive portfolio of Fortune 500 clients Marcin is bringing 1.5 Billion tags on the market within this year, reimagining the customer experience.

  Carlos Lei Santos

Co-founder, HypeLabs (Age 26, Portugal)

Carlos is an AngelPad Alumni, and developed a patented mesh networking technology SDK allowing any device to communicate where there's no internet. This not only helps users increase their connectivity using peer-to-peer mesh networks, but also requires less battery power. HypeLabs is currently running a closed Beta program with 300 companies, including several Fortune500 companies and leading Telco providers.

We would like to give you a unique opportunity to engage with our network of millennial founders and connect you with cutting-edge startups in your industry. We hold custom made innovation challenges, in order to position your company at the forefront of innovation, sourcing disruptive companies with founders we believe can meet your needs.

We are currently sourcing Europe’s Top 50 Tech Startups, which we will present in November 2017 at the European Parliament. If you are interested in partnership opportunities, we look forward to hearing from you.


These entrepreneurs don’t just have an idea, they light up the market


  Karolina Stawińska

Co-founder & Head of Talent

Karolina has seven years of HR experience sourcing 1000+ innovative startups & recruiting high performance leadership teams in 52 countries. She has a passion for people and discovering young talent. Across her career she had the opportunity to build innovation programs for Fortune 500 Companies, United Nations agencies and international NGOs. She has worked and lived on 3 continents, traveled to 57 countries and circumnavigated the world on semester at sea.

  Aleksander Świerczyński

Co-founder & Head of Innovation

Aleksander has an extensive marketing experience having served as the Employer Branding Specialist at EY, and later continuing his career as the Marketing & Digital Communication Specialist at the Boston Consulting Group. He has guided, developed and implemented a range of successful marketing campaigns for both online and offline channels. Through his unique experience of working with both corporates as well as startup ecosystems, he can tailor innovation programs which can leverage the value of both enterprise and startup assets.

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